Monday, May 14, 2018

Hope Reborn

I'm sure everyone have heard about the Goose that laid golden eggs.. Imagine..that goose which is in a critical stage is now being handed over to a new caretaker.. Healing it is not an easy task.. Healing process takes time.. Need to be done carefully and has a lot of risk.. need to have lot of patience before the Goose can lay a golden egg again..

My fellow Malaysians.. It has been 5 days since all of us went out to save our country..
Lesson Learned :-
- Unity gives the power to achieve anything at all..
- Rational thinking is always fruitful..

Reminders To the Rakyat :
- New GOV has just been formed..
- A lot of clean up needs to be done..
- We cannot expect drastic changes in any sector..
- Always be aware that we still have opposition
- Do not believe or spread rumors without verifying it
- Stay united
- Be patience
- Be supportive
- Nevertheless be brave to voice out using correct channels
- Lets only call ourselves MALAYSIANS

Dear New Government :
- We true Malaysians have put a lot of trust in you
- We have given a big responsibility to you for a Change
- We will wait patiently to see our country grow
- Always put the people and the country 1st
- Any differ in opinions can be discussed professionally
- Keep up the good work which has been started
- With all due respect we will not hesitate to Change in GE15

Dear Opposition :
- Thanks for everything that has been done previously
- Not every individual in your side was wrong
- Respect if you stay loyal and don't be a lalang
- We are still Malaysians and still friends anyway
- Good Luck for the next election
- Please don't simply complain out of frustration
- Probably its time to ponder on what happened all these years

Special Message :
When millions of the Rakyat was our there fighting for their rights and giving priority to their responsibility as the Citizen of Malaysia, there is group of people who DID NOT have any VALID reason NOT to register as a voter and there are also bunch of people who registered as Voters but DID NOT have a VALID reason NOT to go out there are vote..
All of you can keep your comments and opinions to yourself.. and I personally do not see you all as a citizen of Malaysia.. coze you never cared.. and you neglected your responsibility as a Malaysian.
If an old Pakcik who had a half body stroke and paralyzed can come out on a wheelchair to vote regardless to which side.. Then.. fill in the blanks..

** Tun Dr.Mahathir, If given a chance.. I want to meet you.. **