Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The month of LOVE..

February is known as the Month of Love.. and as most of us know.. Valentine's Day is on the 14th.. Flowers.. candies.. candlelit dinners.. movies.. dates.. are part and parcial of Valentine's Day.. There are 3 stories behind birth of this special day..

There was an ancient Roman Emperor.. Claudius II.. believed unmarried men made better soldiers.. so he banned young men from marrying.. Saint Valentine.. a priest.. felt this was an injustice to young lovers and performed marriages in secret.. When Claudius II found out about this.. Valentine was ordered to death.. so the day was remembered for him..

Then.. there is Cupid.. He was the God of Love in Roman Mythology.. his mother was Venus.. There is a story where Venus was jealous of the beauty of a mortal.. named Psyche.. Venus sent Cupid to punish Psyche for her good looks.. but Cupid fell in love with her instead..

Saint Valentine.. who upon rejection by his mistress was so heartbroken that he took a knife to his chest and sent her his still-beating heart as a token of his undying love for her..

There is 10 days more for the day.. those out there.. who are planning to tell someone that u love that person.. think !! sit down and think !! do u really love that person.. coze the word LOVE is not a simple word to just say it around.. or to simply play with someone's feelings.. coze that someone might really truly love u.. and u will be kidding around without realising that one day u gonna hurt that person.. love is not a game.. say I LOVE YOU.. only if u really love a person..

Is it really love?
or is it just a passing feeling
am I not convinced?
a bit uncertain of the feeling

Is it the way you make me feel?
so warm with joy and laughter
or could it be the happiness
from moments spent together

The lasting bliss, the kiss I miss,
The sweetest thoughts without a touch
The heart that hurts and bears a scar
thinking how far away you are

You're on my mind most of the day
And at night I go to bed and pray
An angel soft and gentle as you
Would make my sweetest dreams come true

Thinking about you alone or in class
Writing your name on my bathroom window glass
Wishing you were here
To love hold and care
Wishing I had you with me
To cherish and to stare

Into your soft and beautiful eyes
As we both travel to the skies
And mingle with the stars above
But is it really love ?

May God bless everyone with true love and happiness