Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sex b4 Marriage..

First of all.. virginity is for both gender not only for girls...

Love may seem very convincing till one day he comes and say.. " i wanna have sex wit u.." she says no!! he then plays his normal game.. "u don trust me rite.. u dont love me rite.." then she cries n says.. "no dear i love u the most in this world.. i'll do anything 4 u just dont say like this anymore please.." she agrees to it just 4 him.. after everyting is over.. she sees a lot of changes in him.. not the way he used to love her.. she gets very hurt but couldnt do much.. she offered herself to him so she's afraid to loose him...sometimes he treats her very well but its only for 1 reason.. "can we do it again?" she have no choice.. it goes on 4 a few months and he finally says.. " i dont think its going on well.. i'm interested in someone else.. im sorry " n he walks off.. she cries alot for a few months then the lonely soul becomes weak.. her life is ruined.. she starts not to believe any guy.. she changes a lot.. she sleeps with every guy she get into a relationship with.. and the same things happen.. no good guys willing to accept her because she's not virgin anymore.. and finally she starts to become someone very cheap... From a survey.. 89 .72% of our today's teens are destroyed because of sex.. both are to be blamed.. they failed to understand wat is love.. They confuse themself between.. affection.. lust and love.. For those who r in a relationship out there.. ask these questions to urself...

1. have your partner ever asked u to have sex?

2. Is there any changes in him after sex?

Ur the most luckiest person if your answer is NO and if its yes.. ask urself y? n you gotta do something about it.. to all girls n boys.. love is not about sex.. I know some of u think that its just making love with the person u love.. but trust me u r wrong.. If u really love a guy.. see if he can ignore sex until the day of marriage.. If he cant wait and keep on bugging u for sex.. it means.. he just wants sex.. If he waits until marriage.. thats 1 thing only the good guys can do.. Then u can know that u have a really good guy in ur life.. NEVER FALL 4 ANY SWEET WORDS !! u wont wanna know how ur life will be if u make a mistake.. Loose your virginity only to your husband.. only he deserves your love.. not a bf who promises to marry u.. not a bf.. that u think who loves u so much and u love him so much.. but actually everything in the relationship is uncertain.. Hope you girls and boys learn something from this.. Coze right now.. even there are some gals who does the same thing to guys.. Life is a journey.. not a destination.. so its time to look back and think which is the right thing to do..

Dr. Love

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finally It's here.. Tuppariyum Puli..

Its here finally.. and we would love to thank our directors.. crew members.. and everyone who gave us support and still giving us support.. this is a chance.. we all took.. to make things different.. and we will always need support and blessings from everyone.. 10q.. Watch out for it soon..

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hey !! It's New Year.. and we r still alive.. !!

Hey !! It's new year.. and we r still alive.. haha.. thats what i shouted.. when the new year was born.. Long time din write anything.. ok lets go back a bit.. huhu..

Christmas was fun.. from morning 10am.. people start visiting my house.. until nite.. it was indeed a tiring day.. and it was another wonderful christmas.. a lot my frenz came.. 10q to those.. who came to visit me.. and 1oq to those who wished me.. I came back to cyber.. the next day of christmas.. coze din wanna trouble my mum.. want her to rest.. coze.. she was extremely tired after a long day of christmas.. if i am at home.. she will be cooking for me again.. so i din wanna trouble her..

Few of my good frenz got married too.. couldnt attend their wedding.. felt a bit sad but its ok.. May God bless them with true love.. happiness and wonderful children..

Then came new year eve.. actually I had a photo shoot for a new movie and after that.. we planned to go and eat.. after eating.. we dont know what to do.. so.. we decided.. to just go to the curve and chill there.. so we did.. we saw the fireworks.. which was really cool.. and thats when i shouted the line which is the title of this post.. haha.. actually its true.. its 2009 and we r still alive.. and a definite thanks to the almighty God.. who keep us safe and sound throughout 2008..

As for my frenz and readers.. I have few things to say.. new year.. is a new day.. and a new beginning ONLY if.. u want it to be a new beginning.. if not its just another normal day.. so.. if u wanna set a new year resolution.. then.. make sure.. achieve it.. and from me.. i would say that.. this year is gonna change my life i guess.. i hope so.. lets face it.. live it and see..

I received few wishes which were really meaningful.. and i would like to share it here.. "The winning horse doesnt know why it runs in the race.. but.. it knows.. it runs faster coze of the beats and pain.. the larger the pain are.. the stronger u become.. Life is like a race.. God is the Jockey.. the harder he beats u.. the stronger he makes u to win.. so dont be distressed.. be a winning horse.. Life is difficult.. but its always possible.. "

My respected dad told me something which was very meaningful too.. " Face ur past without regrets.. Handle ur present with confidence.. Prepare for the future without fear.. Keep the faith and drop the fear.. believe ur doubts n never doubt ur beliefs.. Life is wonderful if u know how to live it.. "

2008 was a eventful year.. a lot of things happened.. ups and downs.. sadness and happiness.. it was a nice blend.. and surely wont be forgotten.. and I hope this year.. is gonna be fantastic.. and lets cruise through it.. Happy New Year 2009.. all the best.. and May God bless u all..