Monday, August 31, 2009

Celebrate Merdeka ???? Come on la...

Where did u go for merdeka eve ?? What did u do for merdeka eve ? Did u have a blast ??? Merdeka celebration was a blast in Kuala Lumpur !!! What Crap is this ???

I just drove somewhere near had a meal with another Malaysian and a Sri Lankan.. thats all..

Merdeka !! A word i respect.. a word i appreciate very much.. a word that contains.. all the tears.. the blood and the pain.. gone through by those people who fought for the independence of this country.. They were UNITED and the fought for it with all their heart and they got it.. I still remember my grandfather told me.. when they hear to Tunku Abdul Rahman's voice saying MERDEKA proudly that day.. the people even had goose bumps.. it was that special..

They got the independence.. for what ??? for us to still be like this ?? RACISM everywhere.. A fellow fren from another country said after spending few years here.. " Racism is like a built in our body system and its like we r born with it ".. We must feel ashamed when someone else see this in our country that we always BOAST about being.. Multiracial.. Multicultured.. Multinational..

Young kids are being told by their parents.. that is a malay.. this is an indian and the other one is a chinese.. why?? why they should be told like this ?? why should they grow up thinking that we r all different ?? My parents did not teach anything like that ?? Until this second.. I have Malay.. Chinese and Indian frenz who even do anything at all for me.. who will even die for me.. If i can.. why cant the rest.. ??

I'll tell u what is Merdeka.. Merdeka is.. when we be in this country without any difference.. Merdeka is when we see each other.. we be together.. we smile.. and do everything sincerely from the heart.. not just for name sake.. smile in front of them.. and talk bad or hate them in reality.. Merdeka is when u can count on anyone and trust them regardless of RACE n RELIGION.. Merdeka is when there is no built in hatred among Malaysians.. Merdeka is when i see any application form.. without the Malay.. Indian.. Chinese.. and Lain Lain column.. There should only be 2 columns.. Malaysian and Non Malaysian.. Merdeka is when one of us r in a foreign country and we can still say proudly that I'm A Malaysian.. Merdeka is when there is TOTALLY NO RACISM and difference between the people who were born and live here..

If all this happen.. then u come and ask me.. Lets Celebrate Merdeka.. I will surely celebrate it..
Do u all think this is impossible.. I dont think so.. I think its very possible.. Its all in us.. If everyone else think like i do.. We can achieve this.. and always remember.. even now i'm writing for all of us.. for us Malaysians.. for our country Malaysia..

So lets do something about this.. enuff is enuff.. we wanna be like this ? or we wanna become the number 1 country in the world.. we are capable.. ONLY IF... we unite.. DONT SIMPLY say.. sing or shout 1 MALAYSIA... NO USE..

Lets make this become reality.. where can sincerely feel and proudly say.. I'm Malaysian..

Towards a better future.. Best wishes of 52nd Merdeka..

Monday, August 3, 2009

Who is a friend ?

A friend is someone to call upon during good times n bad times..

A friend is someone who understands whatever u do..

A friend is someone who tells u the truth about urself..

A friend is someone who knows what u going through at all times..

A friend is someone who refuses to listen to gossip about u..

A friend is someone who supports u all the time..

A friend is someone who never competes with u..

A friend is someone who is genuinely happy for u when things go well..

A friend is someone close to ur heart and always there for u..

A friend is someone that see ur true self and always see the best of u..

A friend is someone who always have them open to listen and hear what u really saying..

A friend is someone that will be ur strength when u cant carry urself..

A friend is someone who always offer hugs and make u feel comfortable..

A friend is someone for u to hold on when u need guidance to help u get up when u fall..

A friend is someone that can even listen to what u dont say..

A friend is someone that is concern of things that u do and think..

A friend is someone that always loves u and have a place for u..

Each friend represent a world in us.. a world possibly not born until they arrive.. and it is only by this meeting a new world is born..

This is how i wanna be towards my all my frenz.. no matter who they are.. where they come from.. regardless of anything at all.. if u r my fren.. a true fren.. then u r like a treasure for me..

A friend is like a flower..
Or maybe like a brand new gate..
that never comes unlatched..
A friend is like an owl..
both beautiful and wise..
Or perhaps a friend is like a ghost..
whose spirit never dies..
A friend is like a heart..
that goes strong until the end..
Where will be in this earth..
if we didnt have a friend..
With lotsa love..